Nerd of Fortune now offers quality custom coded templates

For years, Nerd of Fortune has been offering quality, affordable websites for small businesses and individuals alike. So, what has changed?

Well all of that is still the same. But I am just adding these LIGHTNING FAST & FULLY MOBILE RESPONSIVE custom coded templates to my repertoire.

That being said I introduce my exciting custom coded templates: Sometimes just a little says a LOT. A website doesn't need to be page after page of this, that & the other. Sometimes a simple, elegant and 'to the point' template is MORE than enough to catch your users' eyes and keep them on your web presence.

Look At The Templates

These custom templates are JUST that. These templates are amazing - filled with explosive imagery and color. they lead your visitors directly to your products, art, articles, products or whatever you're offering online. These templates are as versatile as they are responsive & lightning fast. Don't waste your time with WordPress or website builders, go old school. Go quality & elegance. Reach out to me and we can talk about how I can make YOUR online dreams come true!