What is a Nerd of Fortune?

When I founded Nerd of Fortune back in 2011, I was working in Northern Afghanistan as an I.T. contractor way out in Taliban country. I had the notion I was like a nerdy adventurer or mercenary, like a Soldier of Fortune if you will. While still stateside, and in training, a friend and I discussed how cool it would be if we could turn on other nerds to awesome gigs like the one we landed. Going overseas, into the unknown on a righteous adventure; pure awesomeness. The theme song to Raiders of the Lost Ark played in my head as I dreamt of what it would be like to boldly go where no nerd had gone before. Battling the forces of evil and bringing justice to the land. Of course, upon arrival, I realized it was just another job; laying Cat5, monitoring networks and troubleshooting desktop issues.


I was in eyeshot of the Hindu-Kush mountain range. Right outside of our gate was the Silk Road, not the one from the DeepWeb but the one used for 2,000 years to get from China to Europe. I walked roads that Alexander the Great had once tread. I was in the center of a global conflict of epic proportions. We had a Special Forces O.D.A. camp next door and helicopters coming and going at all hours. Evidence of the war was a constant; international military troops patrolling the area, an occasional BOOM of a suicide bomber or artillery round during the day or at night. The constant need for security protocols. I met people from the U.S., Germany, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal (the Gurkhas are the best-shout out to Super Gurkha), and Russia…just to name a few. I was qualified on a Russian PKM and an AK-74 (yes 74, NOT 47) while I was there. And other Nerds of Fortune were there as well, doing communications support for government agencies, aerostat WAMI surveillance for the military and server administration for billion dollar corporations. We all had one thing in common though. Whether it was a knowledge of Linux or programming, a love for Star Wars or an opinion on who would win in a fight; Batman or Superman….we were all nerds.

So, when I returned stateside I was alone in this endeavor. I got a job and continued my nerdy adventure. I began to realize that a Nerd of Fortune doesn’t necessarily have to be at risk, overseas or on an adventure. Life was an adventure. A Nerd of Fortune could be any nerd, anywhere, who dreams and/or strives to make his/her living with the tools they know. If someone needs their computer recovered or a virus removed, who do they call? If they need a network built and an array of servers configured, who do they call? If they want to learn WordPress or need a website built, who do they call? Well it ain’t Bill Murray and the gang. They call that certain someone everyone knows, the one with the tape holding his glasses together, the one who knows exactly when Wolverine appeared in the X-Men series, that person who has knowledge of the source code…..they call a nerd, they call a Nerd of Fortune.

So basically, not only do I want to bring some training, a knowledge base and some job placement help, but I would also like to start a network of nerds, all around the world, who are available to help others with their technical needs-for a fee or for free, it’s up to the nerd. A Nerdboard, if you will, where a Nerd of Fortune can peddle his/her craft. No job is too big and no job is too small….so please sign up, inquire about what we are trying to do or send me an email to see what YOU can do.

It doesn't matter what kind of nerd you are, you have something to offer. And, once the Nerdboard is up, you can offer your services to people for free or for a fee, it's up to you